Changing Role & Purpose of HR

Part 4 of a video interview series with Liza Engel, Chief People Officer at Deloitte Switzerland

Liza Engel explains how leadership and HR must change their roles especially these days when people work from home. Learn how HR can create value for their companies.

  • Is it the time for HR to become more important? 
  • How can HR connect people’s purpose with company’s purpose? 
  • What does purposeful leadership exactly mean? 

Those are some of the questions being discussed in the video interview with Liza Engel. 

In the past, as a leader you had to lead the way and tell the people what to do. The work in the past had been very top down. A much more trust-based environment will be necessary in the future.

This video is part of a longer interview. Please enjoy the following videos with Liza Engel: 

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Liza Engel

Chief People Officer, Managing Partner at Deloitte Switzerland

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