Shift From Functional HR To Product View

Last part of a longer interview with Sarah Meier, Founder of parents@work, and Andreas Deck, Head Culture Transformation at SIX

In this video sequence, we discussed the future of HR and how a change of perspective on the HR role may be the answer: 

Instead of identifying ourselves by functional expertise and setting narrow boundaries by telling ourselves which department we are working for, we better ask ourselves: 

What products can we create with and for our customers if we draw on the whole potential in the company?

That's why Andreas has never seen himself as an HR person but as a “SIX person”, working network-based with interdisciplinary teams throughout the organization. 

He even recommends:

Don't think of yourself as an HR person.

This conversation is about creating value, whether for our customers, leaders or teams. Consequently, the question how HR could become more strategic should be twisted into "What products can we jointly develop?"

Enjoy Andreas' thoughts about the value of serving others, the purpose and future of HR, the growing awareness of culture as a strategic factor for business success and the rising importance of the human touch in an increasingly digitized world. 

About this video interview

This video is part of a longer interview. Enjoy more topics discussed by Sarah & Andreas: 

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Andreas Deck

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