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Interview with German Ramirez

In your speech, you talk about the future of work and how it is drastically changing. What exactly has changed over the past three years?

First of all, the number of freelancers and what I call "Intellectual Mercenaries" has dramatically increased, as predicted. This part of the workforce is growing at nearly 20% p.a. 

Second, the implications of the current global pandemic we are experiencing is set to further accelerate this trend, especially as we experience remote work as a viable option. 

This is providing further viability to new and more flexible collaboration models.

It sounds quite challenging for companies to focus mainly on projects and skills and not on certain jobs anymore. 

What do you recommend companies nowadays, to really change the mindset and stay open to the new working world and young talents?

I have been around for too long to actually believe that a change in mindset is possible for traditional executives currently running established players. 

What we need, and what will ultimately make a difference, is a generational change in leadership. 

The good news is that younger leaders are entering into the picture and taking over responsibility roles with a different mindset and attitude. 

Bottom line: What we need is a generational change in the C-Level of global companies before it is too late for them to continue being successful.

The Generation Z will act as you describe it in your speech. How can we prepare for this new target group?

I am not sure that we need to prepare for this target group. I actually hope that this generation is rather prepared for US. 

We often think we need to get younger workers to learn and adapt to “how things work around here”. 

In reality, we should learn from them. There is more wrong with our old mindset than with that of young generations. 

Just thinking of sustainability or the role of employment in our lives: WE are the ones who get it wrong and still, because we are older and more experienced, we think WE have to educate the younger ones. 

The best recipe to be prepared for this target group: Listen to THEM. Learn from THEM. Adapt to THEM.

You state that “40% of all employees will be freelancers” in the US. That raises the search effort for talented people. 

How can that work?

The challenge is self-created: Our operating models in HR are still tailored to the traditional relationship and traditional collaboration models. 

Alongside new employment and collaboration models, we will also have to find easier, faster, and more transparent ways to identify and hire talent. 

The future of talent acquisition will be more focused on matching than on either side searching. 

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other technologies are already capable of delivering the underlying magic to bring transparency, efficiency, and the paradigm of a “Liquid Workforce” that I have been referring to for years. 

The problem is in our minds. So, for it to work, we “just” need to change the way we understand employment and the relationship between employers and employees. 

And something that will always apply is that companies hire the best talent they can get but retain the talent they deserve… 

About German Ramirez

Digital, social media and blockchain pioneer and serial entrepreneur. He has been longer in the Internet than Google and brings in over 25 years of international experience building successful brands and new businesses. 

Author, thought leader and sought-after speaker at leading universities and international conferences on topics such as digital strategies, social media, blockchain, marketing, digital transformation, the future of work, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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German Ramirez

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